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Nabídky brigády a práce

HR Operations Specialist - Junior

Pracovní poměr plný úvazek
Popis*Be the first point of contact for employees, discuss their needs and help them with your friendly and positive attitude
*Document HR actions by completing forms, such as contracts of employment, changes and confirmations
*Maintain and updates employee records on the HR database accurate and complies with legislation
*Cooperate with HR Business Partners, IT Recruiters and make our cooperation as smooth and easy as possible.
* Monitor the attendance, check sick notes, vacation, absences and payroll calculation support
Požadavky- Friendly and emphatetic approach to people and their needs
- Administrative experience such as data entry as an advantage
- Ability to multi task and manage details of different processes efficiently
- Will to enjoy little chit-chats as well as professional communication in English and Czech/Slovak
- You should bel organized with a keen eye for detail.
RegionJihomoravský kraj
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